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Many foreign customers and investors, such as expats, who have moved to the Netherlands, are looking for an independent building inspector. Expats often know where to find a certified building inspector.

Freedom of choice and transparency

Separating the wheat from the chaff is a difficult task for expats and investing companies online. Transparency and freedom of choice brings exparts clarity when looking for a certified building inspector in the Netherlands.

To provide this group of customers with the service they really need, we have selected and certified our building inspectors who can make a technical inspection report and also master the English language. This way you can easily communicate and ask questions during the building inspection of your new property or investment.

Fixed price building inspectors

Many companies offer building inspections online. Dutch Register of Building Inspectors is often called about non-affiliated certified building inspectors who raise prices and/or do not comply with agreements. To protect the expats, certified building inspectors offer a fixed price for building inspections via the Dutch Register of Building Inspectors.


Increasingly more are investing in Dutch real-estate. Investment companies. TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE, building inspections when buying or selling property. Investors often want to request building inspectors to outsource certain building inspections. The Dutch Register of Building Inspectors also has a solution for large investors to apply for one or more certified building inspectors.

Quality, knowledge and expertise, but also reliability is guaranteed for expats.


Back office
Dutch Register of Building Inspectors has also looked through service providers that there is a back office/planning agency that speak English. For questions, please call 085-3038450


Certified Building Inspectors in the Netherlands


Freedom of choice & transparency

The purpose of the NRBI is to make its members findable and bookable for applicants. An assignment is established between the applicant and the chosen independent Construction Inspector. Transparency and freedom of choice are important. You choose your building inspector yourself. By making this possible we guarantee the objectivity of the certified Building Inspectors.

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