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Quality, knowledge and expertise guaranteed

Separating the wheat from the chaff is the NRBI's mission. Certified building inspectors become important for all chain partners. For investors, buyers, a Certified Building Inspector is the eyes and ears behind the front door of how a property object looks financially technically. Apart from property value, the investment in, among other things, the object is an important measuring instrument

  • Uniform inspection reports
  • Work in accordance with the NRBI professional and code of conduct
  • Meet the NRBI's entry requirements
  • Insured Building inspections
  • Quality, knowledge and expertise guaranteed by supervision of implementation
  • Building inspectors * With personal certification

Quality, knowledge and expertise guaranteed

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What is a certified building inspector?

Anyone in the Netherlands can become a building inspector tomorrow and there are no clear guidelines. Many initiatives have emerged after the establishment of the Dutch Register-of Certified Building Inspectors in 2017. But do not certify people but companies. Not at the gate and not during professional practice. To know if you let an experienced building inspector with the right knowledge and expertise in it, it cannot be otherwise that you can certify the person at person level for the service he or she is to perform. . An independently certified building inspector who conforms to a professional and code of conduct, has the right knowledge and expertise and has professional liability insurance guarantees the mission of the NRBI.

Transparency & freedom of choice

The NRBI foundation strives, on the basis of transparency and freedom of choice, to provide as many market parties and applicants as possible with clarity in finding a Register of Architectural Inspector within certain expertise frameworks. The market requires clarity when conducting structural inspections and by whom the structural inspections are carried out. Many structural inspectors lack the right quality, knowledge and expertise when performing and reporting an architectural inspection.

Five questions always came back to the NRBI, namely. When should I call in a certified building inspector? Where can I find a certified building inspector? Which requirements does a certified building inspector meet? What can I expect from a certified building inspector and What does a certified building inspector cost? The NRBI has therefore opted for transparency and freedom of choice in finding a certified register of building inspectors.

How do you look for a Dutch certified building inspector?

Agree on several proposal dates in advance with times with the intermediary

Choose your service and register of building inspector

Book the Building Inspector, receive a verification e-mail, confirm and get in touch with your building inspector 1 on 1

Your Building Inspector matches your appointment with you and the intermediaries

Receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail

Make sure you are present at the inspection. The building inspector asks you questions and you can ask the building inspector questions.

Receive the inspection report digitally from the building inspector.

Pay the building inspector afterwards. That way you know for sure that the building inspection has been carried out.

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What does a Register for Building Inspector cost?

Search for your building inspection, view more information, reviews and click further

Enter the zipcode of the building. If you do not know the zip code, use the Dutch map

Find Building Inspectors regionally and see what the building inspector costs

View more information and reviews of the Building Inspector.

If you have found a building inspector, check when you can and specify multiple proposal dates.

Place the assignment. the building inspector will contact you 1 on 1 to discuss the final date with you.

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What do you get when booking a certified building inspector?

Independent Register of Building Inspectors who are workers in accordance with the NRBI professional and code of conduct

You are assured of an insured service and a uniform building inspection report

Clear expertise frameworks and reports that meet standards such as NHG

Follow the process, make appointments, communicate with your building inspector after placing your order on your track and trace lextool account

Quality, knowledge and expertise guaranteed by supervision. Reviews from users and intermediaries

Security: always a Register for Building Inspector in your area

1 on 1 contact with the Register of Building Inspector

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What is a certified Building Inspector?

You don't just become a certified Building Inspector. A certified building inspector is personally certified on the service. That way you know for sure that your property will be professionally inspected.
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When a certified building inspector?

Enabling a certified building inspector depends on which building services you are looking for a certified building inspector. View the types of building inspections from building inspectors. Example: a home inspection is done before purchasing a home. In the context of the buyer's legal obligation to investigate.
When a building inspector?

What does a certified construction inspector cost?

Applying the right knowledge and skills costs money but also saves money. What a certified building inspector costs depends on the type of service you are looking for.
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Freedom of choice & transparency

The purpose of the NRBI is to make its members findable and bookable for applicants. An assignment is established between the applicant and the chosen independent Construction Inspector. Transparency and freedom of choice are important. You choose your building inspector yourself. By making this possible we guarantee the objectivity of the certified Building Inspectors.

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